Who am I?


My name is Simon Urli, as you probably know if you type this URL.
I am currently working, since December 2016, as postdoc and software engineer in the Spirals Team at INRIA in France.
My current research is about Automatic Software Repair and the design of a repair bot to automatically reproduce bugs and fix them on public Github repositories. The main tool I develop is available there.
I’m also one of the core maintainer of Spoon, an open-source library to analyze and transform Java source code.


After my Ph.D. I tried to co-found a startup on the field of digital signage systems.
I worked during two years on a micro-service architecture written in TypeScript to allow the design and the deployment of a customized and interactive digital signage system.


I did a Ph.D. in computer science at University Nice Sophia Antipolis in France in I3S Laboratory (team GLC, project Modalis).

My research was about software product lines (SPL) and how to use them in information system to create complex products. I was interesting in particular about topics of multi product lines, SPL evolution, and SPL configurators.

For my research I created a tool called SpineFM, aiming to design the variability of a SPL by defining a domain model representing concepts of the SPL and by using inter-related feature models. Then SpineFM provides an API to create configuration consistent with the domain model, ensuring the consistency of user choices and providing enough flexibility to allow any configuration workflow.

You can find more details about my research on the dedicated page.


I was involved during my Ph.D. in the YourCast project which aimed to create a SPL dedicated to digital signage systems. You can find more informations about it on the project page.

As the YourCast project worked well, we decided with Christian Brel to start a company on the YourCast basis to sell highly customizable and autonomous  digital signage systems. If you want more information about this project, find us on The 6th Screen website.


I also do some teaching at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. In particular, I taught for three years software product lines in labs for master students.

You can find details about my teaching on the dedicated page.

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